Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Liberals hate real Americans...."

I'm not really sure why anything surprises me at this point. But I must admit that I was a bit shocked to learn that I hate real Americans. And as an addendum to that, I was even more shocked to learn that I wasn't a real American. I guess that me and my liberal colleagues are banished to some state of faux Americanism. We Liberals apparently aren't patriotic enough and from the sounds of a few of these rallies hosted by our arch-nemeses, we are out of touch with American values.

So should I be concerned about my inability to fit into the real American mold, or should my non-Liberal counterparts start searching for a better definition of American values?

My better judgment leads me to choose the latter. It's ok that say that the liberal angle has a different vision for America. But I would quickly argue that those differences between conservative and liberal viewpoints are slight. There is no question that both parties are ultimately interested in seeing America thrive.

Yet, throughout this campaign, we have heard from a number of politicians that have struggled mightily with the art of articulating differences in party ideology without including veiled notions of divisiveness, racism, sexism, etc.

I'd honestly appreciate if one of those mythical "real Americans" could pull me to the side and explicitly tell me how I could go about becoming one of them without voting for Republican candidates during this election cycle. My ballot has already been sent off. It's too late to apologize...

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