Sunday, October 5, 2008

Abundance vs. Scarcity Part 1

There are two worldviews that we can espouse as individuals. Either one of abundance or one of scarcity.

This simply means that some of us view resources, relationships and other things in life as maintaining an abundant supply. All the while, those possessing the scarcity view hold on to these resources that they deem to be scarce with an intense ferocity.

I have decided that I take the abundance approach. Generally speaking, I don't have much. Therefore, I see an almost infinite number of opportunities for me to accumulate more resources - in many different forms.

This approach often comes into direct conflict with the approaches of my friends who would prefer to venture through life - for lack of a better term - conservatively.

For this very reason these friends hesitate when I propose doing dinner at a fancy restaurant. Or they become a bit perturbed when they realize that I actually invested a few hundred bucks in FRE.

To them I say, my glass is half full. And there is room for more water. Even if I drink all of the water in it. It's still a glass whose purpose is to be filled with more. In my mind, there is no drought. I will not long for water. Why? Because resources are abundant and are simply awaiting my arrival - at which point they will be retrieved.


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