Monday, September 1, 2008

You, Me and Him

I've found that one of the most difficult things for a single guy to do is to maintain a close friendship with a female in a relationship.

Easily dismissive things that may be said as an aside often find themselves under the microscope for close inspection by the female or her significant other. This became frighteningly clear last night when I received a string of text messages questioning my motives. While I was shocked that, of all things, my comment from last night would be the cause of grief, I was not surprised that such a tiff would spring up again.

Under different circumstances, many reputable* online sources suggest that the easiest things to do is to let the friendship dissolve. But given the nature of this particular friendship, losing her is not an option. Therefore, I'll simply evolve and properly tweak our ways out interaction. It's too bad that dude doesn't know that I'm not making passes at her whenever we interact. But then again, I've been riddled with accusation of girlfriend theft from my days in middle school up until now. Only a small few of those accusation were actually true though...

Although the Dream song may apply (in a friendly manner) - she's not going anywhere.

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