Saturday, September 27, 2008

Words are getting sharper...

To some, it may seem as if I have been going easy on VP candidate Sarah Palin. But to be honest, if it weren't for me working a gig outside of the political arena, I would be relentlessly ripping into Palin.

On that note, let the games begin. And also, let me preface this by saying that an article such as this one should be written by one of the "most liberal" bloggers in the America. By a writer that should have great difficulty reaching across the aisle from this far to the left. But fear not, I have long arms, and there is no misrepresentation of anyone's patriotism or religion in this article. Meaning, I keep it liberal, yet classy.

This article in the Huffington Post reminded me just how ridiculous this candidate is. An article in Rolling Stone highlighted the educational accolades that Palin holds. It only took her 6 years at 4 different schools to earn her BS (that's BS).

This Katie Couric interview was like icing on a disgusting cake:

And if you really want to find a sharp discussion of America's acceptance of Palin - you should look up Tim Wise's piece on "white privilege." While I do not espouse all of Mr. Wise's views, I can say at the very least that if my almost-17 year old sister were to pop up pregnant tomorrow that it would be a negative reflection on my mother. Such an occurrence would fatally flaw any aspirations that she may have had to hold a political office if she were in the middle of a heated campaign (and I'd love to be taken to issue over this point here - I'm just trying to make sure that I'm getting my money's worth out of my sociology degree). Especially if the father of my sister's hypothetical child were running around screaming that he was "proud to be a fucking redneck."

In response to that, I can only say WHAT THE FUCK?

After watching the first Presidential Debate, I walked away maintaining a healthy respect for both candidates. And I'll even go as far as to say that Mr. McCain performed quite well and may have gained points on his national security credibility score just by virtue of dropping 900 difficult to pronounce names of foreign leaders. While his repeated smirking and refusal to make eye contact with Senator Obama was a bit rude, I think his performance will resonate with the American people.

But to take such a solid performance, free from mishap, and then overlay that with his VP choice creates a tough pill for me and a sizable segment of the American public to swallow.

Why would a man who seems to have common sense select a woman who seems terrifyingly unprepared for national and international politics? He may have thought it a good move to pursue the millions of Clinton voters out there. But once you get women shaking their head each time Palin gets in front of a camera, you know you're in trouble. Simply refer back to the Huffington Post article in which Republicans - individuals grounded in the Republican ideology - are beginning to wonder if Sarah Palin is going to be responsible for sinking this ship.

I find it interesting that some have told me that I carry an elitist outlook when putting some of my thoughts on this election into words. Such labels leave me baffled because them come from individuals who seem not to recognize where I come from and where I currently am. Yet, I will embrace this label if it simply means that a person of my intelligence is uncomfortable with a person with Palin's resume having access to the highest office in America - if not the world. Sarah Barracuda simply is too wild and too unrefined of a candidate for me to place a stamp of approval on. Maybe some other hockey mom out there - but not this one!

But look on the bright side, I'm sure she'd make an excellent mayor of any town with a population of under 10k.

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