Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Swell of Concern for the Motherland

"End the genocide in Darfur!"

Such chants can be heard on college campuses all across America.

And oh yeah, Nelson Mandela just had a birthday. He's cool.

But most importantly, watch out for all of those lions and gorillas and shit like that. When you look up School of the Hard Knocks in a dictionary, you only find an image of Africa.

Can't personally say that I'm well-versed in all things Africa - but I'd suspect that many of my American counterparts are a tad bit less worldly than I. Dare I say that it's as if they take pride in their ignorance.

Inflate your tires people and buy a map.

1 comment:

Shandon said...

how do you find these youtube clips? That was too funny - and what I want to know is, how did Mario Lopez keep a straight face?! Botox?