Friday, August 8, 2008


Wow. One by one, they all fall down.

Of course the “they” that I speak of are politicians. Yet another of America’s fairytale stories has concluded with an all-but-fairytale ending. You see, it appears as if one of America’s Favorite Sons, John Edwards, has gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. In fact, while his hand was in that cookie jar, he may have very well left a biscuit behind in the oven. {haha, I humor myself}

At any rate, I will accept some fault in this situation for being one of the millions of Americans that held his wife to be a bit under-attractive. Looking at his charming good looks and pricey haircuts, I felt that he needed someone a little spicier to keep pace with his burning sex appeal.

I started to feel bad when I caught word of his wife’s sickness and I backtracked a bit after I saw her adamantly speaking out about her health struggles and sticking by her campaigning companion.

Like other political wives, Elizabeth is standing by her husband...

I said to myself: “This is the true meaning of for better of for worse, in sickness and in health.”

But apparently, while I was busy applauding John for sticking by his wife and his wife for sticking by him, John was actually busy sticking it to someone else and as a result of his transgressions I am now stuck with more disappointment served up on a platter by another flawed – yet tragically human – politician.

In this picture, Hunter appears to have man hands

My fingers are crossed for you John. I hope that one day you can climb to the top of the highest mountain in North Carolina and shout: THAT BABY AIN’T MINE. Still, I have to ask, couldn’t you have found a woman with more attractive photos available for popular consumption on the internet?

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