Friday, August 1, 2008

The Finale: Mayer and Me

Today marks the end of Mayer week. And I must confess, I’m sad to see it go. My posts since last Friday have all shown my firm commitment to my Man Crush on Mr. Mayer. His charming smile. His stellar personality. His boyish good looks. And yes, even his crazy tattoo. It is safe to say that I love everything about John Mayer.

But, I found it fitting to end this week-long expose with a brief discussion on Mayer and race in America.

Specifically, I want to share a few words on why Black guys (read: Black musicians) seem to get along with John Mayer so well.

As was explored here – hip hop superstars have been flocking toward this guitar wielding stud. From Kanye West...

"Go back and listen to Daughters - (pause) - BITCHES!" Common...

to Dave Chapelle (who isn’t technically a hip hop artist, but he is VERY TECHNICALLY a Black guy).

Black culture has embraced Mayer with open arms. Even Jay Z shared fond words for Mayer and I’m still waiting for those two to collaborate. Oddly enough, Jigga has Chris Martin higher on his list of White artists to pair up with.

I would like posit that it is not because Mayer sleeps wit hot women. Although some would attempt to draw a connection between Black guys and their adoration of hot White women. Instead, it is the fact that he is less wonderland these days and more grounded in Gravity.

You see, Black people love the Blues. John Mayer, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing more than a good-looking commercial Blues artist. A twist of pop, a heavy serving of the Blues, a pinch of RnB and maybe even a dash of hip hop color Mr. Mayer’s most recent projects and have enabled him to maintain his original teeny bopper, pop-loving fan base while expanding to a more mature audience, more emo and more politically aware audience with an affliction for sounds about heartbreak, personal change, political affairs and growing old.

Don’t get me wrong – love for John Mayer isn’t an epidemic in the Black community...yet. But I think he’s working his way up to that point. And if I have anything to do with it, he’ll certainly get there.

In fact, I hereby declare myself President of Black Guys for Mayer. I’m sure he’s made it onto the Stuff White People Like radar – but I hope that one day Stuff Black People Like or Stuff Educated Black People Like will take note of him too.

But don’t worry, Black people still don’t like BANGS.

I dedicate this post and this week to Horchata.

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