Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let's Talk Things Over First

The difference between 4 missiles firing and 3 missiles firing isn't a big ONE

So President Bush is finally showing a change of course on the Iran issue. A US Diplomat will travel to meetings with Iran to discuss an incentives program aimed at curbing the enrichment of uranium in the Islamic, not Arab, nation.

It was rather amusing watching reports covering this matter today as many of the networks referred to the move by the Bush Administration as a play out of the Obama Playbook. Yes, a move out of the playbook drafted up by the man who many fear with "meet unconditionally with the terrorists." Some of the same folks who did not see fit the holding of any talks with this "rogue" nation are now applauding President Bush for making this wise diplomatic move.

Perhaps William Burns, the US diplomat, will start things off by apologizing for that night of rough sex back in the 70s that historians like to call the Iranian Revolution. Maybe he'll move on to say that America never meant to set Iran on the path leading to nuclear weaponry when it provided the nation with nuclear materials in the 1950s. Next, Burns will explain to the Iranian officials that although we're BFF with Israel, we can also be BFF with their nation too!

Although the tiny nation packs a punch, Iranian long-range missiles could hit Israel

You see, it's not like we're (read: America) at all responsible for any of the uncertainty and hostility that plagues the Middle East. In fact, our fingerprints can't be found on any of the chaotic failures and dangerous standoffs that pop up frequently in the region. Therefore, the Iranians should and MUST view our presence at the negotiating table as a cherry on top of a melting sundae.

And before they get all starry-eyed, they must remember that dependent upon the November election, this may not be a commonplace occurrence. You see, America (and to be fair, other superpowers around the world) often fails to act in a manner that holds harmless or carefully calculates the prospects for future relations with nations. In the past it was enough for us to speak softly while carrying out big stick. But now that our STICK is a bit overextended and in many respects a bit smaller, maybe we should rely on the speaking component of that equation a bit more. No need to yell. Instead, we can simply show that we are capable of showing dominance through the use of our military force and through the use of our cunning negotiating skills.

Let's take this thing back to the early 90s folks and all at once scream for PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST! My kids can't afford to finance another war...

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