Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Kingdom Divided

If my father were to step out onto some random balcony today and get shot down – God forbid – a tidal wave of grief would consume my family.

Yet, as we moved forward with all necessary preparations for life without my father, we would quickly come to realize that we were still BROKE.

The same cannot be said in instances where the man lost is one of great importance and immense value. Such is the case in the wake of Dr. Martin Luther King’s death. Although 40 years have passed since the assassination, there is turmoil in King Land.

King’s son, Dexter, has found himself on the wrong end of a lawsuit raised by his siblings Martin Luther King III and Bernice King.

The lawsuit alleges that Dexter has been misappropriating funds from his father’s estate for personal use.

This trouble in paradise casts unneeded negativity on the legacy of Dr. King and his children who are charged with the task of upholding it. One can only hope that Dexter wasn’t using the money to do sketchy stuff like buying latex body suits and going to strip clubs. If you know anything about Atlanta, you know good and well that a strip club is one thing that isn’t hard to come by.

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