Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Feel Dirty and Dark

I finally saw Dark Knight.

The magic trick scene was stupendous (see above). Heath Ledger was eerily amazing.

But, there was nothing funny about the movie. People were getting offed like WHOA. As a child, I remember watching the "Booms" and "Pows" and "Kazaams" that would flash across the scene when Batman was whooping ass.

This time around, I saw a bunch of heartless mofos wreaking havoc on the innocent and ensuring that Batman's work would never be done. I almost cried 3 times while watching the film - and I have skin thicker than leather.

Unlike millions of American out there, I don't know if I'm emotionally prepared to see this film for a second time. Although I was happy to see that Tiny "Zeus" Lister took the honorable route and was willing to save all of those innocent people. That combined with CNN's Black in America special made me realize that there is hope for Black people...even those imprisoned in Gotham City.

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