Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brokeback, The Soundtrack

1 year ago
While playing 2-player mode on Guitar Hero II, my friend and I began to sing together. It was weird.

10 months ago
While driving to get dinner, a particularly slow RnB song comes on the radio. Although there are just us two males in the car, I ask him not to change the station.

8 months ago
Me and male passengers in my vehicle openly discuss how weird it is for me to listen to slow jams without any women present. Occasionally, female passengers comment on the lack of rap/other music in my cd collection.

6 months ago
I begin singing openly in front of both male and female passengers. My musical stylings are typically followed by deafening silence or by unrelenting teasing from passengers. Yet, I remain undeterred.

4 months ago
While on our way to a bar, a male driver begins to sing. I become visibly disturbed. Male driver then recommends that I buy a really emo cd. I make the purchase immediately.

2 months
I play Rockband with a group of 3 guys. I enjoy when I get to be the singer...

1 week ago
Male driver begins to sing in the car. After slight hesitation, I begin to sing as well. I am not certain, but I may be aroused. Collectively we question our sexuality and reassure ourselves that I'm not Heath and he's not Jake. Yet, we secretly vow to make sure our singing session happens again.


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