Monday, June 23, 2008

We Found Them....Again

It appears that the long lost tribe pictured above was actually more "long" than "lost," if that makes any sense. Apparently researchers were first made aware of this "undiscovered" tribe in 1910. The anxious photographer that snapped the photo during a fly buy simply couldn't wait for 2010 - Their 100 Year Discovery Anniversary - to discover them again.

I really hate hoaxes. When news of this story broke, I was like "SWEET"!!!!!!

Now that the truth has come out, I'm like "DAMNIT, YOU GOT ME AGAIN"!!!!!!

It is my sincere hope that somewhere in the world, there lives an undiscovered tribe. In fact, I hope that while backpacking through some distant land I personally discover the world's last remaining undiscovered tribe. After discovering them, I hope that I am worshiped and ask to serve as honorary king for the group. Once the Kingdom of Dontavius The Great is in place, I plan to introduce capitalism and corrupt all that was once pure about the tribe. Additionally, I plan to sign an endorsement deal with Rocawear and Baby Phat to make sure that every cute with a booty in my tribe looks fresh 24/7/365. But I digress...

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