Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ursher Is Tired of the gossip y'all


I actually caught wind of this outburst last week, but didn't see the video until now. First and foremost, let me begin by saying that Usher's height impediment continues to amaze me. How dare such a small guy release an album called "Here, I Stand." That's like me releasing an album called, "Watch Me Dunk." Such titles simply draw attention to the fact that I am a Black man in America that is under 6 feet tall.

But above and beyond that, Usher has a valid point. He knocked this chick up and he stayed with her. According to him, he's taking the responsible approach. And coming from a guy whose father was M.I.A. for long stretches of time, I most definitely applaud his efforts.

Still, a few things must be addressed. Although she is a solid looking woman, it is safe to say that Tameka is no where near as sexy as Chili. Plus, while she isn't a 40-year old yet, she is definitely in her late 30s. And last but not least, while you say that she didn't contribute to the firing of your mother - what else in the whole wide world would lead a grown ass man to fire his mother whom he holds so near and dear to his heart? There is only one answer to that question: a woman.

Look Ush, I've heard the album and you can definitely still count me as one of your male groupies. But truth be told, your last album was much better. I'm guessing that's a product of having affair material to discuss throughout the entirety of the LP. And the lack of satisfaction that you seem to be getting at home is clearly the motivating force behind songs like "Appetite" and "What's A Man to Do."

I wish you nothing but success. And if you were ever to read this post - which you won't - you'd probably blow up and accuse me of contributing to this vicious cycle. But I reserve the right to talk as much shit about you as a choose - I bought your album off of iTunes. So on that note, keep cranking out the hits and try to keep your personal life off of TRL.

Better yet, start a blog of your own.

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