Sunday, June 22, 2008

Talking About Your Job

I've finally decided that I completely and utterly hate selling myself to strangers. Be it at a networking event or while at a night club surrounded by a new group of guys and gals eager to know what I do for a living. It's not that I'm not a fan of talking about myself. But the simple reality is this: I know that everyone there is going to make every effort to make themselves, and their job, sound more important than it actually is.

I mean, after a little over 6 months of being in my current position, I still haven't figured out a compelling way to give bystanders the scoop on my job. So I have instead opted to use very vague responses.

When asked by a family member what I do for a living, I respond by saying: I work on policies that will advance the greater good for the people of California.

When asked by former classmates what I do for a living, I respond with: I am compromising 50% of my integrity while fighting to shield the other 50% from corruption and being jaded.

When asked by strangers, I usually say: I write speeches and serve as a policy expert on several different issues.

When I ask myself what I do, I usually give a more truthful answer: I sit at my desk, counting down the hours until 5 o'clock hits. Intermittently I read articles on, I check my personal e-mail and I chat with other young professionals across the country who are also placed in positions whose highlights are far outweighed by the negativity and boredom associated with them.

Until I'm rich and living like Sean "P.Diddy/Diddy/Puffy/Take that, take that,take that" Combs, I probably won't have too many rave reviews to share about my job. So do yourself a favor, refrain from talking to me about what I do at work. I'd find far more enjoyment discussing the advantages or disadvantages of drinking on an empty stomach or drinking after having a huge Thai food dinner.

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