Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Really Ralph?

Must we really devolve into such an elementary, unrefined and primitive discussion of race in this year's presidential election?

Apparently, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, some would say that such underhanded shots were unavoidable. Let us not forget too quickly that individuals of the Democratic persuasion were quick to dismiss Mr. Obama's presidential bid on the account of race. Let us also not forget how influential of a man it was that offered up those infamous words heading into the South Carolina primary.

I mean, it's a great relief that Mr. McCain was not the one the opted to accuse Mr. Obama of "talking white" and neglecting to have a "strong crackdown on economic exploitation in the ghettos." It is a blessing that it was not a more relevant figure that decided to utter such divisive words.

Yet and still, Mr. Obama will surely rebound from this off color remark "on color" far sooner than I will. Talk of passing and political authenticity is something that not only notable political figures have to deal with. Without hearing the full context of Mr. Nader's statement, I can't speak to whether or not he was referring to Mr. Obama's manner of speech or simply using "talk white" in a manner suggesting that he is only highlighting WHITE issues.

To quickly dismiss such insinuations only requires a glimpse at the broad coalition that Mr. Obama has built in a fashion that has at times seamlessly cut across traditional divides in American society; the types of divides that Mr. Nader's comments only serve to perpetuate.

Nader, the very man that cost us - and yes I will fly my Democratic flag high and wide at this point - the White House in 2000 is suggesting that Mr. Obama's race should dictate the focus of his campaign platform. In other words, Obama should focus on poverty because he is Black and everyone knows that Black people are poor! In turn, all of the other shit that an American president must be well versed in and expected to address in his platform should be left to...for lack of better direction on Nader's part...the White candidates?

Over the past few weeks, I've been internally weighing how much I am willing to lend my support to the Obama campaign. But now, I am no longer simply campaigning on behalf of Obama, I am also campaigning against Ralph Nader.

And so begins Ralph Nader Watch 2008!

Shame on you Ralph Nader! But let's be honest, I should expect nothing less from a conniving politician seeking to conjure up votes by reaching into an old political play book reminiscent of America's troubled past.

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