Monday, June 9, 2008

I miss Mike Tyson

And you should too! Iron Mike was the most explosive boxer of our time. When he was convicted of rape, I almost cried. When he knocked out Peter McNeely, I did cry...tears of joy.

But more than anything, I enjoyed watching Mike give some of his priceless interviews. His voice is funny and, unfortunately, not enough people appreciate how profound some of the statements that he made over the course of his career were. God Bless America for the creation of YouTube. Without YouTube, there would be no venue for folks to share compilations of Mike Tyson's best interviews like the video below.

And now that I think about it - I miss Peter McNeely too. Come back Hurricane, please come back Hurricane.

PS - Why was the guy in the video game on NES so fucking small? One punch from any of the opponents on the game would have killed that kid in real life. So on that note, God Bless Japan for the creation of gaming systems that more accurately reflect real life.

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