Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How are you....really?

Everyday when I'm walking through the halls of my workplace, passersby say hello and ask me how I'm doing.

At the moment, I'll just say meaningless things like, "busy, busy, busy" or "hanging in there." To which, those passersby respond by saying things like "aren't we all" or "keep your head up."

What would happen if we really told people how we were feeling. For instance:
a)I don't really feel like talking right now because my boss is irritating me.
b)Why don't you mind your own fucking business?
c)Don't talk to me until you pay me that money you owe me.
d)I'm feeling a little constipated at the moment. How about yourself?
e)I just cheated on my wife....with her brother.
f)Aside from the fact that I'll be unemployed in a few months, I'm swell!
g)I'm a little worried that I might be suffering from genital herpes.

If people started popping out these sorts of responses, people would freak out. But you know what, this is real life stuff. People shouldn't make small talk in the workplace - or out in public for that matter. They should just smile and say hello. Collectively we must put an end to all of these little white lies that we tell in order to mask the fact that we all have issues and we can rarely say wholeheartedly, and without hesitation, that everything in our life is fine.

Join the movement folks! I won't ask you how you're doing if you don't ask me.

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Josh YEY! said...

Damn you are bitter son! But I agree