Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Basketball Bonanza

Dear Readers,

Craziness has been taking place in the realm of basketball. My friends sent out a joking e-mail suggesting that the young lady featured in the video above is capable of dunking over me. However, after further review I have debunked their claim and determined that the "girl" is actually a boy. Just listen to shim talk.

Therefore no dunk would possibly be able to take place after I deliver a swift and firm cock shot while he goes up to rattle the rim.

Additionally, this happened:

Anti-Laker/Anti-Kobe proponents have been blowing all sorts of steam since the release of this video on TMZ. Yet, I'd like to quickly point out that Shaq really can't rap. I'd also like to point out that for a guy talking such a good game, it really does suck the way his Phoenix Suns managed to get themselves eliminated in the first round. And, oh by the way, aren't you also getting divorced because your lovely wife was extorting money from you????

And if that was enough - even before Stern delivers his fine - the police have decided that you've been a bad boy Shaquille. Way to set an example and be a role model for kids big fella. (Nas later signed on in support of Shaq after hearing that the cops were going to revoke his badges - there is nothing that Nas hates more than a fake ass cop)

In other news, I've still been reliving this really cool reverse lay up that I did the last time I played pick up bball. For those who weren't there to witness it, let's just say that I scored over two 6'5" guys after hanging in the air for about an hour.

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