Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3 More to go...

You know, it's rather tough to be a die hard fan when your team - the same team that dominated the San Antonio Spurs - was barely able to pull off its first upset of the NBA's number one seed. On this same night, news from the rogue NBA referee suggests that the 2002 Lakers series win versus the Kings may have been fixed. (I watched game 6, I could've told the world that in 2002) Yet, even if the Lakers aren't able to dig themselves out of the 2-1 hole, with the next two games in Los Angeles, I will still have the magic that is this commercial:

I hear all of the talk about rivalries never dying. But seriously David Stern? I would've preferred to see Robert Parish and Byron Scott up there. These two guys look ginormous. Cleary Bird and Magic aren't so focused on wearing athletic attire anymore. Had the cameraman decided to pan out to a wide view, there would have been man boob and male chaffing everywhere. And people the world over know that it must've required about 100 takes just to get Magic's part down. It goes without saying that he isn't the most eloquent speaker that the league has ever seen. When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke. I wish that my initial suspicions were correct.

At any rate - I write this post with guarded optimism. I'll keep this lame ass commercial on repeat until the start of game 4 on Thursday.

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