Thursday, May 1, 2008

W Sucks

Much like our economy, George Bush has fallen on hard times. To say that you people generally dislike him would be an understatement.

In 2000, he quashed my hopes and dreams. Although I was not yet of voting age, I felt betrayed. The circumstances under which his victory was declared were downright un-American. I feared the path down which Bush Part Deux would lead our nation. I prayed that we would only be subjected to four years of his reign.

Then things happened. Towers fell. Innocence was lost. Lies were told. War was waged.

Many moons later, we are led to believe that our nation isn't any safer. We are mired in a seemingly endless war. We are experiencing troubling economic times. We are generally uncertain about our future and our ability to remain the lone front runner in the international community. We have lost friends. We have destroyed lives. Slowly but surely, we have been destroying ourself.

All the while, Mr. Bush has ruled nonchalantly. He has ruled with utter disregard for the common man. The pockets of the rich have swelled under his watch. Yet, as a common man, I have felt the squeeze. I detest the war and I detest the foreign policy. Our nation behaves arrogantly. Our extreme hubris will be our downfall, if we're not careful when choosing our next president.

The numbers don't lie. Many historians even suggest that he ranks as one of the WORST presidents to ever occupy to Oval Office.

Yet, even in the face of extreme criticism - he still adorns that harmless smile. He is undoubtedly impervious to reality and those critics attempting to knock him off of his high horse. Fuck don't mess with Texas, his motto is "Don't Mess with W."

This year is flying by. His days are numbered. Yet I fear that most of the damage has already been done. The next American president will spend his or her time cleaning up the mess that George W. Bush has made.

Thank you W. Thanks for nothing.

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