Wednesday, May 14, 2008

True Lies

Poor Arnold. These were his glory days. Now, instead of flexing his physical might, he walks around flaunting the remaining slither of his political muscle in the halls of California's State Capitol building. Sadly enough, these days he carries at $17.2 billion state budget deficit in tow.

Today marked the release of the Governor's May Revise - a revision of the budget proposal that was originally presented on January 10th. In the new budget, The Governator calls for creative solutions involving the lottery and not involving the release of thousands of prisoners and the closure of state parks. The May Revise represented a fair more innovative and honest approach to addressing budget issues than did the mechanical 10% cuts across the board proposal he earlier advanced.

Nevertheless, Republicans and Democrats alike wasted no time when it came to drawing attention to how pathetic the Governor's proposal was. In the interest of showcasing difference, political action continues to blunder opportunities for collective and creative problem solving involving members from both sides of the aisle.

Don't get me wrong, there are many elements of the budget that suck arse. But there are other elements, that with a little work, could truthfully move us in the direction of fixing our broken budget system.

No movie magic, man muscle or massive machine gun is going to help Arnold dig his way out of this conundrum. That's especially troubling, considering the fact that millions of Californians are counting on him and state legislators to do so.

May the games begin...

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