Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Pied Piper Has His Day in Court

There is no way in hell that any rational human being can take a look at R. Kelly and not think that he's guilty of something. Even if it's not sex with a minor, he looks like he is guilty of running a red light, of soliciting a prostitute, or of just being a hideous dresser.

After numerous delays, the Pied Piper's trial finally got under way on Friday. Reporters described his demeanor as "relaxed, but serious." Although the alleged victim is set to testify that she is not the young woman portrayed in Kelly's infamous sex tape, beating this case won't be so easy for the R&B crooner. In fact, things will get exceptionally awkward and disturbing when a female defense witness testifies that she participated in a threesome with Kelly and the underage woman.

While I'm not exactly rooting for Kelly in this trial, wouldn't it only be fair that this sick woman receive whatever punishment that might be levied against the defendant?

Seriously, if he R. Kelly beats this case, he will indeed be The World's Greatest...

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a laughing matter. However, the ability of the singer to delay this trial for 6 years is an absolute joke. While I love his music, I sincerely hope justice is served. Sorry Robert, I'm just keeping it real.

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