Monday, May 5, 2008

The Hawaii Chair

Special Thanks to Sarah for this one! Seriously, I'm about to order a Hawaii Chair right now. This is probably the biggest thing since sliced bread. It's quite clear that you can do a ton of stuff while sitting on the Hawaii Chair. Although there have been a few unconfirmed reports on the internet suggesting that people have been known to faint, get dizzy or vomit while using the chair, I can see the truth. Infomercials never mislead consumers. The Hawaii Chair is the first invention that will truly give me rock hard abs without doing any actual work.

But there is still one thing that escapes me: Why the hell is this called the Hawaii Chair?

Are they suggesting that you're riding a Hawaiian wave when using it? Do waves move in circular motions? Or are they saying that the movement imitates that of a Hula dancer?

Whatever the case may be, goodbye apathy and hello happiness. I'll have a flat stomach and a magnificent ass in 3 weeks. At which point, my milkshake will be bringing all the girls to the yard.

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