Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Hour

My apologies for not corresponding yesterday, dear friends. You see, circumstances were beyond my control. I went to Happy Hour. One thing led to another. One drink led to another. Cheap drinks led to expensive drinks. Jokes were exchanged. Waitresses were flirted with, and/or harassed. Shit got crazy. So crazy that it resulted in a late night trip to Del Taco. So crazy that this morning at work, I drank 3 bottles of water in under 30 minutes.

Nevertheless, overall, those hours spent were Happy Hours.

However, there is one problem. Happy Hour everyday is a dangerous thing! In fact, too much Happy Hour will make you unhappy. If you go to Happy Hour once or twice a week, you're just doing the things necessary to advance your career. But if you go to Happy Hour everyday - including Saturday and Sunday - you my friend, are an alcoholic.

So while this post is a tale of joy and happiness, this message should also serve as a somber warning. Yes. You are indeed getting some stellar deals. But, your liver will thank you if you lighten up a bit.

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