Monday, May 12, 2008

The Gods Are Angry

If you don't believe in multiple gods, then God is angry. If you don't believe in God, then Mother Earth is angry. If you don't believe in Mother Earth, then this post isn't for you.

(seriously, stop reading now if you don't believe in Mother Earth - people like you disgust me...)

But yeah, the child featured in the image above survived the earthquake in China. After talking about how the earthquake messed up his classroom, he then moved on to discussing human rights violations in China and how his nation is actually growing too fast for its own good. His is a wise child who is also lucky. Many others weren't so lucky. And even more than many others weren't so lucky in Myanmar where a cyclone went berserk. And weather reports indicate that more bad storms could be on the way. To even further worsen matters, the forecast says that it will be 104 degrees in Sacramento on Thursday.

I'm not trying to trivialize matters. There has been tremendous loss of life and I pray that international support will reach the citizens of both regions.

Yet, the scale of natural disaster these days is quite alarming. Starting with the tsunami and moving forward, loss of life in such instances has been catastrophic. Man may very well be overreaching his boundaries and attempting to tackle regions that are not easily tamed. Either that is the case or we're getting closer and closer to some sort of Judgment Day.

So I suggest doing the following:

1) Build a nuclear fallout shelter.
2) Get your home retrofitted for earthquakes.
3) Board up all of your windows.
4) Always carry an umbrella.
5) Wear sunblock everyday.
6) Stay away from the beach.

Life is one big calculated risk. Lately I've been doing my math, and the odds simply aren't in my favor. So I'll be taking the necessary precautions. I do hope that you'll join me.

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