Sunday, May 4, 2008

An Excellent Use of Taxpayer Dollars in Los Angeles

Leave it to one of my good Bay Area buddies to point out this gross misuse of public funds in Los Angeles. Central Los Angeles High School No. 9 is going to be a kick ass landmark. And it's all nice and neat to have an institution dedicated to advancing the arts. But given the present fiscal crisis, is this really the sort of projects that we need at the moment?

I'm not saying that we shouldn't have an artsy school. But let's be practical folks. Artists don't need big fancy metallic buildings to inspire them. They need books by Shakespeare. They need weed. They need joga. In fact, many of the bohemian prodigies don't care much for the material spoils emphasized in Western society. Therefore, you could've been a few tents and assembled an artists' commune of some sort. This fucking high school looks like it was financed by the Disney corporation or something.

In all honesty, I probably would have had a strong desire to be more artsy if it meant that I would have the chance to study on such a sexy campus. But that was not the case, and the fact that I drink wine makes me feel that I am artsy enough. In fact, even my stick figures leave a lot to be desired. So yeah, this new school will definitely fill a void. But the costs associated with filling that void are, unwarrantably, astronomical.

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