Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back From The Dead

John Edwards decided to rise from the dead today.

Great timing John! Now we can list you as just another one of those powerful Democrats begging Hillary Clinton and Terry McAuliffe to wrap this thing up already.

One of the millions of CNN political analysts said it best: "this isn't exactly a profile in courage here, endorsing the candidate after he's already lined up to win."

With that said, thank you for those pledged delegates that you'll likely be plopping on top of Barack's pile of supporters. And thank you for being a White man that occasionally wears blue collared shirts. Just that alone will guarantee Obama's ability to take the White House in November.

But I'm just curious, are you or aren't you looking for a V.P. nod? Would you get mad if people wanted Hillary to have it more than you? And how much are you paying for haircuts these days?

So many unanswered questions John. I hope you hit the interview circuit hard tomorrow. You can now join Bill Richardson on the list of people that Hillary and Bill Clinton love to hate.

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