Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Posthumous Sex Tapes

And now, straight from the "Just When I Thought I'd Seen It All" file...

Mr. Jimi Hendrix has a sex tape that was recently released. Although the fact that I stumbled across the tape and I now sharing it publicly with my readership my indicate that I am at least slightly sketchy, I felt that it was important to share this information with the world.

Clearly, the folks over at Vivid have been icing this one for a while. Considering the fact that Mr. Hendrix died in 1970, they've been icing this one for a long while. However, given the recent success of the Ray J and Kim Kardashian tape, I suspect that they couldn't hold back any longer.

Go ahead a take a peak at the trailer. It's blurry in all of the right places. But it's kind of funny to hear old women rave about how well endowed Mr. Hendrix was.

And to think, I only thought of him as the man who played a kick ass rendition of the national anthem, that in some ways forever changed the trajectory of this country. Now this. Now images of Mr. Hendrix as a cultural icon AKA sex machine will forever cloud my head. I aspire to his greatness. 38 years after my time on this earth is up, I hope that a tape of me is released memorializing my greatness in something...

(Just for the record, if you actually purchase the tape - you're way sketchier than the guy (me) who watched the trailer. But if you actually purchase the tape, I suspect that you already know that. At the time that this entry was posted, Kenny G was making arrangements to film his first sex tape. Prince could not be reached for comment.)

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