Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Latest Man Crush

Just so you know, I was reading my pseudo-gay man's magazine - Details - and there was an article that told me that man crushes were okay. And not just man crushes on your buddies - which I can explore at a later date. Man crushes on celebrities are fair game as well.

A man crush doesn't have to be motivated by underlying sexual desires that I'm ashamed to tell my mother about. That's definitely not the case. Instead, it's all about admiring the swagger that a fellow male has. Loving the way he styles his hair. Loving the way he dresses. Loving the way he smiles when he is asked a question by a late night talk show host. Just loving him in his entirety - in a non-gay way!

So while the competition was tough (I thought about this all while the bathroom...last night...and no, no comment is necessary), I've decided to bypass Brad Pitt and Kobe Bryant and Flava Flav. Instead, my man crush of the week is on JT. Justin Timberlake is just the cutest - cute in a non "I want to do him" way - man out there. Watching him dance is like watching a butterfly flutter its wings in slow motion. Every time he thrusts his pelvis, a baby is born somewhere in the world. Plus he straddles the line of Whiteness and Blackness, making him very Michael Jackson-like and reminding us that race isn't that important. I've met White guys that could dance and Black guys that couldn't dunk. JT is doing wonders for race relations.

Thanks for everything Justin. I'm yours always. Until I decide otherwise, I'm man crushing on you.

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