Saturday, April 12, 2008

Men with Cramps (

This post is dedicated to that guy that slept on my couch last night and said he had a cramp this morning when he was really passing gas. The not-so-sweet aroma of his man loins will be trapped in my couch forever. Forever tainted is my couch. Tainted is my couch forever. (Coincidentally, I don't own the couch)

But that's neither here nor there. I shouldn't have given him such a hard time. Men really do get cramps. Some of the greatest men in history had cramps. If the words spoken in this clip are taken as religion, it appears that cramping men made the world go round. This is why we only reference our founding forefathers. No one says anything about our foremothers. You know why? Because it sounds weird and because our fathers conquered things and made things swell beFORE we got here.

And as a side note, there were women sleeping in my apartment last night, too. Women sleep in my apartment every night. Unfortunately, none of the said women sleep with me. But again, that's neither here not there; neither hither nor thither.


Horchata said...
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Horchata said...

There was no gas passed, although I do appreciate the humor.

As I said at the time, if I were to pass gas I would do it like a man: I'd do it secretly and then blame it on one of the women present.

And my "cramp" was a muscle cramp.