Thursday, April 10, 2008

Love in this club...literally?

So I've been thinking about Usher's new song. Although I absolutely love the song and am admittedly an Urrsher groupie, I'm a little concerned about the practicality of the proposed feat.

Does he literally want to make love in the club? I'm not one to fault him for having this desire. But does he seriously want to go at it on the dance floor? Or is he inviting the young woman to join him in the restroom in, shall we say, a not so subtle way?

Perhaps he really wants to just handle his business on the dance floor. If that is the case, Usher is a bit gross. I mean, he references all the people that would be watching. I suppose that makes the RnB superstar an exhibitionist. But aside from that, would he really trust the surfaces in a night club? I for one wouldn't. I would've proposed an alternate theme for the song - Love in The Tub!

Seriously, think about it. The sex would be discreet, sudsy and sanitary. Plus, that could've made for a far more interesting music video. This video is shockingly similar to "Yeah" and the end of "U Remind Me." I respected the "Burn" and "Confessions" videos off the last album, but this is no way to kick off his newest effort on the artistic front.

Sure, he reminds us that he can dance. And trust me, the dude dances his ass off. But not once does he fully deliver on his song's promise by making love in the club. Leaving me to believe that he's probably just going to go home and have married sex with his wife. Stop selling me dreams Usher. I hope the rest of your album is filled with songs about taking out the trash and rubbing your wife's feet when they hurt. I still love you, but our relationship has to change. When you promise love in the club, you damn sure better make some love in the club.

Lastly, thank you for including Kanye, Diddy and Jeezy in the video. And I could've sworn that Redman even made an appearance. I, like you, felt that their presence was critical to making this video a success. You could've easily had regular guys like me standing around. But you wanted to emphasize the fact that you go to clubs that only millionaire males frequent - leaving me to mingle with the lower-echelon ladies. Thanks for rubbing it in! I feel so much better about myself now...

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