Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let Me Be Wrong, Simply Because It Feels Right

Again, I find myself mourning a victory by Mr. Obama's arch nemesis. She needed to win Pennsylvania, and she did so in a sound fashion. It wasn't 50 + 1. Instead, she sailed to victory with the 10-point spread that she needed. If I was a betting man, I would bet that tonight's performance will convince Senator Clinton that carrying out this overdrawn process is the right thing to do.

Admittedly, I understand Senator Clinton's desire to win. However, I am not sure that her unrelenting fight is driven by the proper motives. Reaching the ranks of POTUS (President of the United States) inherently contains elements of self-aggrandizement. Yet, the strongest underlying element of one's push for the Oval Office MUST be an unwaivering belief that that person is by and large the best qualified candidate to help right America's unsteady ship. To help inspire, heal and unite a nation torn by the wrath of WAR and a steadily worsening ECONOMY.

Interestingly enough, Senator Clinton tells a two-sided tale when it comes to this issue. In one breath, she proclaims that either Democratic nominee would outperform our aged friend, Senator McCain. In another breath, Clinton tells of Mr. Obama's inexperience and how both she and McCain are better equipped to lead this nation "on Day One!"

I don't say much new when I post these entries about the primary. It is the most frustrating that I have ever seen because it is the first time that I have really cared. Mr. Obama is my JFK. Many would agree. Many would disagree. But to see the effort to deprive me of my opportunity to cast a vote for a man that truly, truly inspires me is troubling. I tread softly when offering disparaging remarks of Clinton fans. However, I can only hope that the woman that 55% of Pennsylvanians casted their vote for on Tuesday really offers and instills that same sense of hope in all of her supporters that Mr. Obama offers and instills in all of his.

Congratulations on living on to fight another day Hillary. But at what cost does this fight continue?

I can only pray that the cost isn't one that will even further disillusion people of my generation that seriously doubt the ability for change to be achieved in Washington. We're sitting on the edge of our seats. Fingers crossed. Waiting for the right thing to happen.

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