Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I've told many women the following: If I bet Kobe Bryant while I was out on a date with you, I would flirt with him. As a testament to my homoerotic idolization of the Lakers, I posted a homoerotic highlight reel. I hope you enjoy it.

I've let women know that I would allow Kobe to take me home. Why? Because I'm a groupie. I love Kobe. Now I love Pau. I love a healthy Andrew. I even have a big crush on Jordan Farmar. Whenever I go out to play basketball and miss a bunch of shots, I chastise myself for not watching more Lakers highlights. They make me better.

At any rate, the Lakers are back on top. They just locked up the number 1 seed heading into the playoffs. Meaning that they'll be playing the Denver Nuggets. Hopefully Carmelo will be in jail by that time and we'll be allowed to breeze through the first round. I'm ecstatic. Even Phil Jackson is on my "Guys I would do" list tonight.

I hope that you are cheering with me. If you are rooting against the Lakers, you should probably have irritable bowel syndrome, more commonly known as IBS.

Go Lakers! Estamos aqui!

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