Thursday, April 10, 2008

How does some of this stuff float under the radar?

I wouldn't even be able to steal a lollipop without having the SWAT team called out to apprehend me. In fact, sometimes I feel guilty the moment I walk into a store because I have these awkward thoughts of being falsely accused of stealing dairy products, like cheese, milk and yogurt. I possess these fears because I know that the watchful eye of the law watches over me in a suspiciously watchful manner. It protects me from others. It protects me from myself.

Yet, it bewilders me how someone could look at the temple above and simply say: "hmmph, that's one normal ass temple" or "hey, I'd love to worship in a temple like that someday." How could they not once say: "hmmph, I wonder if those Fundamentalists are practicing a whole bunch of incestuous polygamy in there"? Apparently, and unfortunately, that question wasn't asked sooner. Not even the mailman tried to peek through the mail slot to see what the F was going on.

I feel sorry for the young people at the compound. They've been exposed to some sick stuff and likely have a guap of psychological damage. But I will say this:

1 - Those dresses they wear are pretty funny. Cute. Probably fashionable in Utah.
2 - Next time law enforcement agents catch wind of a temple that looks like its the landing strip and headquarters for some long overdue extraterrestrial visitors, they should at least knock on the door just to make sure everything is on the up and up.

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