Monday, April 28, 2008

Here We Go Again

Jeremiah Wright recently began speaking again. And all over America, Barack Obama loyalists began shaking their heads.

Reverend Wright delivered a keynote address at an NAACP event. (transcript here).

Although this sudden resurgence from Wright is certain to produce some negative consequences for the Obama campaign, I've actually decided to give the fiery old minister a chance this time around. Because in his own eyes, his harsh words are far more "descriptive" than "divisive." While that seems a bit tough to stomach based on face value alone, there may actually be some truth to what he's saying.

"Conditions divide, not my descriptions," insisted Mr. Wright. He is not the originator of the problems for which he believes America shall be damned. Instead, he is merely serving as the mouthpiece for a sizable contingent of the American population. Without fully rejecting and denouncing the words from the man who has served as the thorn in Senator Obama's side, one can actually find a degree of merit in the critiques of American society that rain down during his sermons.

America is nation forged on back of difference. America is also a nation that has struggled to exhibit genuine tolerance, or indifference toward difference, so to speak. We have had trouble accepting each other. Therefore, we have had trouble accepting ourselves. Mr. Wright may cut a bit too deeply for the liking of some. However, his words ring true for others. And in his NAACP he made a noble attempt to emphasize the need for an ever changing America. An America that is willing to exercise its demons and refrain from labeling differences as deficiencies. In many respects, Wright's speak was a stab at recreating Senator Obama's call for "A More Perfect Union."

On a serious note - which is rare on this blog - I encourage all to watch Wright's speak or read the transcript that I have linked to. Context is everything. But intent and vision is damn important too. I am not a fan of Reverend Wright. Instead, I am simply coming to grips with the fact that his views and manner of expressing those views are different; not deficient.

With a manner of speech only executable by a leader of a Black church, Wright mused, "I am not running for the Oval Office, I've been running for Jesus a long, long time, and I'm not tired yet." Then he playfully continued by saying, "If I were pushing one particular candidate, I would say yes, we can."

He's still got your back Barack. And one day when all of the dust settle, you too can show that you still have his.

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