Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Green Bush

George Bush is now a believer.

He finally noticed that the planet is a bit feverish these days and heading toward disaster on auto-pilot. Unlike Tom Delay who adamantly believes that man is not causing climate change.

I've given Bush shit for a lot of the shit that he's done. He wowed me with "shock and awe" and lost me when it became Vietnam Part II. He's had a lot of difficulty pronouncing words. He has exhibited arrogance and repeatedly shown that he is out of toward with the American people. However, I'm all about giving people a second chance. If President Bush can take action to build a foundation that his successor can build upon, he will salvage but a small slither of high intensely flawed tenure.

He still holds that crown, but sooner than later, Tom Delay might become the stupidest politician that I know that isn't currently involved in a sex scandal.

Go Green Bush! Bushes are supposed to be green.

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