Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fried Chicken with a side of Weed

Talk about stupid shit to be busted for.

Apparently, a guy in Arkansas had a few errands to run. He threw some gas in his car. Picked up some clothes from the cleaners. Rolled by the weedman's house to pick up some Mary Jane. Then hit up the local fried chicken joint for a deliciously greasy bucket of chicken.

He had it all planned out. He'd put his clothes away. Smoke a joint. And then eat the chicken (which tastes just as good cold as it does warm).

Unfortunately, police officers intercepted him. They found the weed in his chicken box, where is was obviously marinating. I think he was trying to infuse the weed with the chicken aroma.

This is some embarrassing shit to get caught for. But I've always wondered, what happens to your food when you get arrested? It would be a shame if all of that delicious chicken was wasted. I hate to perpetuate stereotypes, but I'm damn sure that if a Black cop was on duty that the chicken was not fried in vain.

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