Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bro Rape is real

"They wouldn't walk around the way they do, with their popped collar shirts..."

"It was like an all you can rape buffet."

"Btw bro, I always take my pants off to play Gamecube."

"It's not my fault if I think about what they would look like soapy and wet."

"So Chad's not even coming?!?!"

"Did your pour Axe body spray on this dildo?"

Put that Jack Johnson cd away!!! I'm still 23. I'm at risk until I turn 24. Things aren't safe out there. If ever a visitor in my place of residence comes equipped with a big black dildo - it might already be too late for me. I will keep vigil until my 24th birthday and can only pray that one day we will all live in a Bro Rape free world.

Rape is never funny. It may be chuckleworthy, but never funny.

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