Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Best/Worst Look of the Day - Is that it?

Anything over 5 minutes should be viewed as icing on the cake.

At least according to this study it should be. 3 to 13 minutes is that window that these researchers have given.

This is the best look of the day because it means that I no longer need to harness my energies in hopes of running sexual marathons for hours on end. Instead, I can cap my performance right around the 13 minute mark. And if it's been a rough day, I could easily devote all of my attention to getting to this 3 minute mark. Never again will I have to worry about my lover's expectations. In fact, I'll keep a copy of this article with me in my wallet from this moment forward...

The only troubling thing about the article, which makes it the worst look of the day is the fact that researchers carried out this study to put under performing males at ease. Which means that at least one, if not all, of the researchers associated with this product is a male that has been accustomed of jumping the gun in the bedroom. His flight tends to land earlier than expected. His confidence seems to deflate. He tends to take his cake without sharing the joys of dessert with his partner. You catch my drift.

No matter which outlook you choose to take on this issue, just know this: this study just made it a whole lot easier to be a man dating a woman who reads CNN regularly.

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