Thursday, April 3, 2008

Best Look of The Day - New Kids On The Block are "New" again

Ring the alarm! The not so New Kids on The Block are back!

The other Wahlberg brother decided that it was time to resurrect the most impressive White pop boy band that predates both N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Aside from the natural disadvantages of aging, these guys seem poised to retake their boy band market share. Justin went solo and the Backstreet Boys are in a state of disarray. As we speak, there is no single dominant boy band force selling millions of records at the moment.

Although I'm excited to see these guys step away from their other less interesting day jobs and quench their undying thirst for fame, I am worried about a few practical matters:

With the members of the group in their late 30s, do they really expect 30+ women to relive their childhood by buying their new album? Are they to be considered perverts if they attempt to make music for teenage girls? Will their new material still be fresh? Can any of these guys actually sing? And which record label thought that this was a good idea? Lastly, how awkward will it be for a 40 year old man to perform songs that he sang as a teenager?

I mean, most people would take major issue with these small glitches that I mentioned. But I for one, am uber excited about seeing what kind of magic these guys can crank out. I'm about to hit up right now to reserve my copy of the new album. Those bad boys are going to fly off the shelves!

Welcome back NKOTB! You were gone for far too long.

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