Sunday, April 13, 2008

Angry Obama

Barack Obama is angry.

And much like many Black men that I know, he talks shit when he's angry. He doesn't get all huffy and puffy about the matter. Either he delivers a breathtaking speech in a solemnly inspirational tone or he talks shit. I'll go so far as to say that he starts playing the dozens once said shit talking commences.

After facing much criticism over his "bitter" remark about gun-loving religious fanatics in Pennsylvania, Barack Obama decided to respond more forcefully on Sunday. He quickly dismissed the assessment of his remarks made by Republican candidate John McCain. Yet, he lashed out at Hillary in a Hillary-esque manner by saying: "shame on you."

But it didn't stop there. He went on to call her Annie Oakley. He also said that she was "frontin' as if she walks around everyday with a six shooter."

In a later off camera discussion he was heard saying the following:

"She has a face that only a mother can love."

"What she should be focusing on is the economy and better smelling breath. Her breath smells like cat food."

"Her momma was so ugly that her father took her to work with him so that he wouldn't have to kiss her goodbye."

"I want to extend an invitation for her to fight me. If she keeps talkin' shit I'm gonna stomp a mud hole in her ass."

"I hate her outfits. She should hire a stylist. And to tell you the truth, she better not wear open toe shoes because she needs a pedicure."

Her also went on to discuss several other unmentionable elements of Hillary's life, character, campaign and time spent in the public eye. Angry Barack scares me when he lashes out. I sit on the edge of my seat afraid that he's going to slip up and call her something that would require non-cable networks to bleep out his speech and effectively cost him a shot at the White House.

Stay cool, calm and collected Senator Obama. I know that you probably already put in a few calls to your "homies" from Chicago. Call off the dogs! This is still your race to lose...

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