Monday, March 31, 2008

Worst Look of The Weekend - Love in This Club

Unfortunately I had to link to this image since there is some sort of proprietary thing going on - but take a look to understand the context.

Ok, so I secretly have become addicted to looking at the photographs on

It started off with me looking at the photographs of George Clooney's girlfriend. This was prompted by one of my sporadic visits to so that I could catch up on my celebrity gossip. Tyler Durden linked me to lastnightsparty and now I'm hooked. But that's neither here nor there.

What is both here AND there is the fact that sometimes people go a little too far when they're out at a nightclub. Yes. I myself have been guilty of showing a bit too much affection in a dark room filled with alcohol, drunk people and music. But never did it reach such a drastic level as the pre-intercourse session depicted above.

I mean, we can give them the benefit of doubt and say that maybe the girl's shirt suddenly fell and the guy was protecting her bare breast from the camera's flash. I mean, that's highly unlikely. But it's possible...

At any rate, this is behavior is disturbing. Especially if you're seeing it live.

Have a bit more class ladies. Wear a sports bra if you have to. And gentlemen, don't put a young woman in this position. If she'll willing enough to take things that far on the dance floor, I'd bet many of my hard earned American dollars that she'd take things even further in the bedroom. Save the excitement and skin baring for the hotel room or your friends couch or some other discreet place where you won't wind up on camera with sketchy dudes - myself not included - looking at you on the internet.

That is all.

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