Monday, March 24, 2008

Worst Look of the Weekend - Dirk's Spill


Isn't it crazy how you can just tell when something hurts really bad?

Like, when we were kids and we saw our friend take a nasty spill while trying to do a wheelie on his bike.

Or that time when we were a bit older and we saw our buddy take a spill on his roller blades and end up sliding into a parked car.

Or even that time when we saw our younger cousin get their ass kicked by their mother.

Or even more like that time that we saw Shaun Livingston's knee die!

As humans, we have an uncanny ability for determining when something is really painful. It isn't the fact that person involved starts crying or yelling due to the excruciating pain that they're in. It's simply because we can instinctively tell when something hurts a lot. And although we cringe while watching it, we just can't avert our eyes.

They say he's only out for two weeks. But "they" are liars.

Get back soon Dirk. I'd rather not talk about sports injuries on my blog. But because you're German, I guess this is a matter of international concern.

Reuters reports immediately following the game, Mark Cuban could be heard weeping in the Mavericks locker room.

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