Monday, March 24, 2008

Worst Look of the Day - The Obama Non-Story

Barack Obama makes the news, even when he's not making news.

Ok. So. Look. I'm a huge supporter of CNN. Even if it's only because I like the layout of their website, are headquartered in Atlanta and have a number of prominent African American news anchors and reporters on the station. But sometimes, enough is enough.

I totally understand that this week is going to be a bit slow, unless something unexpectedly noteworthy happens. But, it takes something substantial to be classified as being "unexpectedly noteworthy."

With that said, "breaking video" of Senator Obama chillin in the Virgin Islands with his family is not "unexpectedly noteworthy."

To be honest, I expected to see more video of him defending his pastor. Or maybe video of him smoking weed with his pastor. Or maybe video of him soliciting a prostitute. You know. I totally expected to see something that was "unexpectedly noteworthy."

Instead, I had to settle for this dude chilling on a pool chair and talking on the phone. It's not like he was wearing traditional Kenyan garb while talking on the phone. There wasn't even sound clips of him chastising the pool boy for not referring to him as Barack Hussein Obama. Senator Obama is literally just chilling on the phone - for a whopping 50 seconds.

Thanks CNN. How would I stay abreast of important world affairs without you?

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