Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Look of the Weekend - Rebound Marriages

Here is to getting back in the saddle as quickly as humanly possible.

Don't get me wrong, the elections in Taiwan were huge. But they didn't really hold a candle to what took place in New York on Friday.

Cecilia Albeniz, former First Lady of France, hopped back in the saddle when she married Richard Attias, a public relations executive who surely has a hefty bank account in tow.

Sure, her husband beat her to the punch by only taking 4 months to remarry. But the situations aren't the same. He only had to run out in search of beauty - and then bam, he hit the jackpot by sacking up with an Italian singer and former supermodel.

But it wasn't as easy for Cecilia. Of course she had her high profile and her "sex appeal", but those two things don't automatically narrow the field so to only include worthy penises. She had to do a bit of searching and penile examining. Due to this wealth penis hunt, it took her two more months to remarry than it took her former hubby.

Sure. You'll hear naysayers suggest that this wedding was conducted out of revenge. But don't you think twice about that. I like Richard's odds of keeping her. I mean seriously, who doesn't want to date a public relations executive and get married in private ceremonies in New York that are attended by only 150 guests.

And what does it matter if it lasts or not anyway? If his boat sinks, there will be another wealthy foreigner ready to pull his ship into Cecilia's harbor quicker than you can say "all politicians are happily married."

Congratulations Cecilia! I hope that Nicolas is super jealous.

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