Thursday, March 13, 2008

Best Look of the Day

Ashley Alexandra Dupre - today is your lucky day!

Even though you are partially responsible for the resignation of New York's governor - and that is arguably a bad thing - you managed to get a bunch of people to click on your myspace profile and listen to your music. The song sucks, but about 300,000 people forced themselves to sit through the song to see if Spitzy got his money worth. After finishing the song, I have concluded that Spitzer definitely wasn't dropping the big bucks because of your pipes. At least not for the PG-13 use of your pipes.

And because your are the Best Look of the Day - I too will link people to your
horrible song.

Congratulations, soon enough, the Playboys of the world will be knocking on your door. You'll hit the talk show circuit. No longer will you have to wait in line at clubs. Someone might even convince you the let them write a book about your life. Legal troubles aside, the sky is the limit Ashley - the fucking sky is the limit!

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Mizzle said...

hustler...1 million big ones