Thursday, March 20, 2008

Best Look of The Day - Starbucks Baristas

Java Justice has been served. The young lady in the picture above isn't just happy because of the special syrup she slipped into your drink.

We should all take our hats off to those lovely Starbucks baristas that finally got their tips back. In a case argued by my favorite attorney, Laura Ho, a judge ordered the Starbucks corporation to pay over $100 million dollars in tips to its California baristas.

Although this story doesn't really mean much to me directly - given that I've never tipped a barista in my life - I felt that it was important to share this new with you faithful java drinkers out there.

Sometimes I ask myself where I would be without Starbucks. However could I get through the summer without those tasty frappucionos? How the hell could I get through the winter without those delicious lattes? And what the fuck would I do during the Christmas season if I didn't have those sensational eggnog concoctions?

In all honesty, I'm afraid to answer these questions. I'm afraid that outside of Starbucks my life (and your life) lacks purpose (unless you live close to the local Chipotle). A latte-less life is not a life worth living at all. Happy baristas make for a happy me. Thank you Laura Ho. I pray that kids didn't tease you during your formative high school years.

ps - I opted against following my economic trend today. Although the market performed well I will not get my hopes up. DOW will only disappoint me again. Don't hold your breath people. This is a scam. Just because Wal-Mart jumped 2 bucks today you think I'm going to scream and shout that the problem has been solved? Incorrect. Until every non-breastfeeding mother can buy milk for her children for cheap and every non-breastfeeding father can put a chicken in his children's pot, I'm not budging.

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