Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Best Look of the Day - Raul's Coming Out Party

It must suck to get old.

Because once you get old and find yourself unable or unwilling to keep up with the latest trends, you inevitably begin to lose relevance in society. In order to combat that, Raul Castro has done the equivalent of going out to buy a sports car, dying his hair blonde and getting a tattoo that says "Tap That" on his left ass check.

The loosening of regulations in the Cuban market is certain to generate positive reverberations throughout the nation and ultimately throughout the Western hemisphere.

The close proximity of Cuba to America makes it a natural ally. However, for decades it has existed as an awkward foe. It has lacked the bite necessary to pose a significant threat to its all-powerful neighbor. Yet, it has always possessed a bark capable of keeping a degree of uneasiness instilled in D.C. politicians. This bark has been strong enough to prevent me from being able to find a direct flight to Havana for 23 years now. I'm 23 years old. You get the picture.

While I do view the pending Cuban revolution and changing of the guard after the Castro brothers fall from power via death in selfish terms, I sincerely believe that the Cuban people will be the biggest winners. With Raul's transition to power, it became apparent that the Castro grip on the nation was weakening. The popular voice was rising in dissent. The Cuban people had long realized that they deserved a higher quality of life. But with the disarray at the top, they found it appropriate to begin crying out, louder and louder, for a new way of life in Cuba.

Don't fret my dear Cubans. Raul is approaching 77 and clearly more liberal than his brother given that his daughter is a sexologist. Revolution is being carried slowly, but steadily, by the winds of change. A new Cuba is on the horizon. I just pray that these changes will be realized without senseless bloodshed.

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