Monday, March 31, 2008

Best Look of the Day - As 50 goes, so goes the rest of the world...

CNN has done it again.

Seriously. We can always count on CNN to bring the hard hitting news. You name it, they cover it. Anything, especially the critical issues. The issues that are important to Democrats and Republicans, the poor and the rich alike.

For this very reason, I was not surprised to see that they've been keeping on careful eye on 50 Cent's endorsement of a presidential candidate. 50 Cent clearly represents the pulse of not only Black America, but young America as well. He is one of the trailblazers for the hip hop generation and his endorsement will likely garner about 24-50 votes for the candidate of his liking. Although he was initially a fan of Hillary's, Mr. Cent says that Senator Obama's speech on race really got to him. It really reminded him of how important race was in America and temporarily swayed him to into an endorsement of Barack. But in this developing story covered by CNN, it appears that Mr. AKA Ferrari F 50's endorsement is once more up for grabs.

You see, this is almost as important as that time when Kanye West said that George W. Bush doesn't give a flying fuck about Black people. This is captivating stuff that has all Americans sitting on the edge of their seats.

Bill Richardson's endorsement pales in comparison to an endorsement from 50. Even the Kennedy clan feuded briefly before decided to make their respective endorsements without blessings from Curtis.

Given the consistent quality of CNN's news coverage, you can rest assured that they will continue to stay on top of this story. The moment that 50 makes his mind up, CNN will be there with a camera to put in his face.

It's great to know that hip hop artists are valued in the political arena. Especially because they all appear to be uber intelligent on their albums. The fact that they rarely know anything about anything is meaningless. If you can sell records, you can tell me how to live my life...

Don't take too long Fiddy, I'll be waiting for your endorsement with bated breath.

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